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 Salsa Rivera/January Newsletter

Dear Salsa Friends,

.Happy New Year!!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. My gift to you this year are affordable private lessons for new and current students.

Private lessons have been reduced to an affordable cost to you. I am hoping that thhose that are serious about dancing will take advantage of this offer.

Why take private lessons when group classes are cheaper?

The simple answer is you can learn more in a shorter period of time, by having a one on one, rather than with a group of people that may be slower, faster or disruptive. Taking group lessons is great and much is learned but the instructors can’t fix what might be wrong with your dancing because they would have to do it for everyone. So!!!! You learn a mistake from the beginning, dance that way for a period of time and when caught later it becomes very difficult to fix. My advise to all that are serious about learn any dance, unless you are a natural taking a few private lessons can help you strengthen your weak points along with fine tuning your strong points.

I have been teaching for more than a few decades and I am still learning what makes people excel at learning to dance. It’s quite simple, I learn about that person, what they do for a living and how their brains take instruction. When you actually know your student you learn what gets them excited and what bores them. While group classes are fun they can become frustrating when you want to execute a move but you are having trouble with it and the instructor can’t fix it because of the amount of people in the class. Private lessons give you the opportunity to ask questions see and feel the move, and then slowly with repetition you nail it. Please don’t think that by taking private lessons with me you will have to spend thousands of dollars. Not the case…I want you dancing right away…feeling comfortable in your own body…gliding on the floor with confidence…quite frankly I don’t want you as a student forever. Take it from me whether you are a follower or a leader I want you to enjoy the dance and the beauty of partnership…the music and all the joy dancing brings to oneself. So, if you are having trouble with steps, turns, moves or patterns try taking a few private lessons and I guarantee you won’t be sorry you did.




If you would like to take 1, 2, 3 or 4 private lessons please contact me as soon as possible because these classes go fast. You can take private lessons for salsa or bachata or both and divide the hour.


Please call 727-327-2772 or email me at salsarivera22@yahoo.com to book your class or classes today. Classes must be taken within 90 days of purchase otherwise you risk the chance of losing them.

This offer can’t get any better than these private lessons for only $20.00 per hour. Call today and don’t delay this may be the opportunity you have been waiting for. Offer is good for all new and current clients. 



Thank you all for your ongoing support, without you; I couldn’t do what I love most.

Carol Rivera
Salsa Rivera Dance

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